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Are Casinos Fair? How Slot Machines Work! Truth About Slots

January 19, 2018 953 0
Are Casinos Fair? How Slot Machines Work! Truth About Slots

Are Casinos Fair? Find out how slot machines work

If you’ve ever wanted to know the truth about slots… You need to take a look at this video! Then you can decide for yourself, just how fair you think slot machines are. Baring in mind that your experience from casino to casino will vary. And so will the differences between real casino and online or bingo slots. Though it was made a few years ago, it also describes the new type of gaming platforms that some casinos are using. >>>Network gaming!<<<<

This is an essential and realistic summary of information, from slot location, coin size, jackpots, random generator chip and much more. Listen to what Steve has to say and get a feel for what he’s really trying to say or his true meaning. And that RNG chip is set to that precise split second.

Steve says it’s ALL about luck but I put it down to Law Of Attraction and synchronicity. So if your mojo is good, the chances should be a little higher. If you’re not really in that mode (or there is a retrograde in mercury) -leave it for a while. However if you’re 100% happy and everything is as it should be, you can enjoy your gaming and you may win more by being positive and playing slightly higher machines.

Find out how slot machines work, how to win on slots and (FAQs)

Video, website & book featured interviews:

  • Las Vegas – Nevada
  • Atlantic City – New Jersey
  • Gaming Labs International
  • Gaming Technology Reno, NV


Credits: Steve Bourie Author of  The AmericanCasinoGuide. Subscribe to Youtube channel.

Near Miss? Naw! Now you’ve watched the video…

Each and every slot game is unique in payback rate, bonus features and max bet – so it’s up to you to demo new games or do your homework!

Jackpots don’t pop by themselves, they will randomly trigger by time and your bet =: A minimum bet requirement (lines – ALL + coin size) or simply a timely max bet. It’s possible to claim a nice win from just a few cents (winnings usually in the hundreds) but if you are hoping for a huge win or a jackpot win, you will need to play BIG. “There are a good few SLOT REELS games in Online Casinos and in BINGO sites which do payout jackpots with a lower “max” bet.” Jackpots and jackpot exclusive games usually do require the MAX BET to trigger the progressive jackpot or a minimum jackpot bet. And that depends on the game you’re playing. So keep on reading about games and slots and try the demo games before you bet your life on a jackpot. Casino is there to enjoy and should you play prudently and wisely, you may come out marginally better off! And though the chances are slim, you could end up winning a Multi Millionaire Jackpot!

Playing Online…? Read our other post about Random Generators… And decide for yourself!


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