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The Casino Random Generator Myth Or Truth?…

All about casinos, games, payback rates and more..

Is it a scam or are casinos fair? We take a look at random generators in  online casinos.

For example in this instance we look at an account which has dried up.

What the casino has to say and how long it takes to start winning again!

What should the customer do? (probably leave it a while and/or bet elsewhere..).

This is MY take on it, -comment your thoughts below.

We have I’m sure all hit a dry spell at one time or another with an online casino. Or maybe not (hopefully not). Routine players though, do experience this from time to time. Especially with a particular UK network whom I won’t name. I read a lot of comments that they never get any wins but they continue to play out of stubbornness. And can end up losing quite a bit. So here’s the truth about it and their direct response. These UK customers will know what I’m talking about. It really depends how much you continue to play and lose. It could be better to take a break and not chase losses or try your luck elsewhere! The staff may tell you oh it’s down to luck. But what they are not telling you in the chat is that dry spells can last a very long time.

We have to try to stay rational when we have an unlucky day, week, month or year :(.

You win some lose some.. The truth is if it’s going bad, it may be best give it a break!

I’ve spoken to an online casino who confirmed dry spells can last a significantly long time.

As long as any winning spells. (This can be months or even a year). It is usually around 6m.

I tested my dry account and waited for it to get good again. I have to tell you it was better

Staying off it for 6 months I got £500 free! When I keep putting in VIP tell me don’t demand.

Stubborn me had to test it both ways, deposited too, had some good times there before!

So I decided to stick it out. I don’t advise others to do this. However as I blog I need to know.


So is it really fair to blame the casino? Or blame yourself for getting greedy?

Another thing is when games pay out high in the beginning, then the bonuses no longer

Show as they were before. And you are left thinking this is nothing like when I first started!

Each coin size usually has it’s own jackpot level, win times and own payout or percentage.

Some may place high bets and be disappointed with their bonus round (it does happen).

(It happens to us ALL!) Many VIP customers seem to get a constant result of higher bonus

Wins (personal opinion/experience). And for the average player, they may find they win

MORE from a lower coin bonus like 2nd selection coin 2 for example.

Many casinos have their hustle on like this – especially where their games are exclusive.

The higher bonus levels do pay out. Especially with new players, VIP or larger deposits.

>>>RANDOM GENERATOR<<< supposedly selects from old & new (this is only my opinion).

But after time favourite bonus feature games can leave you feeling surprised or baffled.

This could be the start of a dry spell OR it could be that happy hour/game is over! NEXT!

Also remember many games can have a hot hour with an increased payback rate.

New games are also set to give a fun and winning experience. Try all the new and featured.

No matter what, if you’ve had cause to complain – It’s time to reevaluate!

Is it you or the casino? Try to be honest here before things get worse.

Either play smaller coins / new slot games or cool out and take some time away.

You can do this from your account, email the casino services OR just stay off.

Staying off and ignoring the casino may produce better results. while you try others.

Play elsewhere, that’s what our sites for to help you find casino bonus and free spin deals

If you still find no joy, maybe there are better priorities or matters to attend to and it’s not

THE RIGHT TIME for you to win. Don’t play the same games over and over after big wins.

Keep trying the new games and having fun! You can always play in DEMO MODE!

I hope this helps… (me glad the dry season is finally over! – at this particular casino..)

Over all there is a payback percentage for the games, the casino and the casino account.

And it’s up to you to check out the info on the games. If the cashier doesn’t tell you hot or

popular games, or produce a page with facts and figures, you should shop elsewhere.

So is it the game, casino or you? The honest truth is it’s usually the game you got stuck on!

Where ever you play at – you have nice wins on one game all the time? It won’t last!!!?

Whether thats the r generator or anti cheat software. You try to cheat or hammer a game

Then what happens next is considered your own fault! Games are there for enjoyment only!

Not all casinos will produce the same experience. The ones I highlight or feature should be

Glad Tidings. Make sure you use the correct browser and have a good connection too.

Or try playing from your tablet/ipad as this can be a better experience all together.

Classic Games like Blackjack can give a higher payback rate like 99% like over at Casino Classic Mobile!

In my next post I will share the highest paid slot games and the best bonus slot games.

Be sure to visit back and add to your favourites!


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