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By using this website you confirm that you are over the age of 18 AND of sound mind or capable of understanding in full, the contents of our website and/or signing up to any offers and what this may entail. Please read the websites terms and conditions also. You understand that it is related to bets. If you have any concerns about gambling or feel out of control, you should probably take a break and speak to someone.


Our Privacy Policy and new (GDPR) & (PECR)

How we use your information:

Your IP address. Web hosts store visitors IP addresses. We can also use to block harmful IPs.

We may use analytics software to help us improve our service and reach the right audiences globally. This tells us for example where you’re visiting from and what type of device you use (mobile, tablet, desktop) once again this is not detailed information and it is not shared with any other company in any great detail.

Advertising/Marketing and referrals (external links) is the basis of our directory. The reason you arrived here. The partner software has a user portal. So we can check any new customers we’ve referred. When you sign up to a casino, you need to ask them to close it. That data includes your name and sometimes email address. We don’t have access to your address or number unless you provided them. Those details remain with your account manager.

Subscriptions (email addresses) – we may at anytime collect subscription sign ups to send newsletters. We may also reply by email/phone. By using this website you have shown an interest in Casino and betting systems. We have a few casino websites. We may notify you of website news in any of those. Either you’ve subscribed or you contacted us innitially. You can unsubscribe or contact us to end all correspondence.

Security – We use SSL Secured Connection. The casino also uses a SSL secured connection.

Any questions regarding this you are more than welcome to contact us at

Copyright & "All Of Casino" ( 2018 All Rights Reserved.
Copyright & "All Of Casino" ( 2018 All Rights Reserved.